The director uses mis-en-scene to add impact to the film. Mis-en-scene refers to everything else that happens in a shot, apart from the main action. Analysing this involves looking at elements like setting, costume, lighting and other actors in the scene. For instance, costume can be used to convey the social status or personality of a character, lighting can be used to enhance a particular mood or the actions of the main character may contrast to those of other characters in the background of the scene.


The pessimistic view of the future world can be explained with the dramatic changes that the world was exposed to during the eighties. Blade Runner – Director’s Cut is set in Los Angeles in 2019. This is not that far away but the world created by Scott is very different from the one we live in today. Scott’s world is of a natural world devastated by technology, population explosions, pollution and consumerism. The natural is non- existent and the wealthy can buy it or flee. Male dominated business rules the world and people struggle to survive.