Human companionship is portrayed as a positive factor in the novel. Victor is an indulged child and his parents are depicted as ideal role models. The DeLacy family are virtuous in the love they demonstrate amongst themselves and to Saffie. Not all companionship however has positive consequences for Victor’s mother cares for Elizabeth and pays for it with her own illness and death. Justine cares for the Frankenstein family but is executed as a murderess. Victor lacks the generosity of spirit that is evident is the other characters around him.

Dualism links Victor and his monster which is not given a name, having no identity other than that of being Frankenstein’s doppelganger shadow. Constructed from the dead body of others, he is a grotesque parody of life. ‘’My form’’, says the monster," is a filthy type of yours, made horrid even in the very resemblance." Both the scientist and his creation represent the duality of the human condition, the composite blend of good and evil; ‘’Was man, indeed, at once so powerful, so virtuous and magnificent, yet so vicious and base? He appeared at once time a mere scion of evil principle, and godlike