18th and 19th century was the romantic period, natural world that appealed to the senses and the human condition to go to a higher plane of existence.
The creature relating to nature.
During this time machines were taking the place of humans in many factories. Science is the new religion.
Shelley rejects the negative issues in science and the ego in man.
She points out Frankenstein’s bad points which are the bad points in all men
Culture in breaking down and science is the new religion
Creature in the forest, Shelley writes sympathetically of the creature in the forest and mankind’s corruption of the natural state of the human being. The human’s disgust at the sight of the creature shows the prevailing value of appearance in the industrial revolution.

Ironic; victor sees the creature as the monster, when he himself is actually the real monster.

The novel explores the darker, “warring” side of human nature and the binary opposites of love/hate, justice/injustice, man/monster. The author offers insight into a psychological hell for both Creator and Creature, where both revile the other.

The whole idea of this new science coming, this new world, And it’s in blade runner, in his new world. The new religion of science is the pure thing, but corruption comes from man, seen in blade runner > Tyrell, very corrupt. (morally, corrupt) – egotistic, seen in surroundings and wealth, see the ugly side of him,
This corruption of science comes from within, this is where the ego in Frankenstein really brought out through Mary Shelley
Poetic lyricism > adds emotional intensity
The ugly side of humanity, rewarding the ugly side of humanity.
Blade runner has elements of Gothicism
-In the appearance of the environment > the world that they live in