In Blade Runner we can perhaps focus on the idea that humanity has abused the natural world and how its absence affects people and how they live. In this section we will examine and reflect on human behavior and human interaction because of this loss.
The natural world in Blade Runner has been replaced by technology and the world seems to have consumed beyond its means. In this text we have the concept that the replicants have evolved to be more human than the people that created them and that they show more emotion than the real humans and feel much more. This is in spite of their memories being implanted in them and their photographs fake.
Interestingly people have replaced the natural world with man-made edifices such as the Tyrell building and the huge apartment blocks that house the people. As we witness in the film these are also in decay and nobody seems to care. With nothing natural the people we see in Blade Runner appear isolated and focused on themselves. J.F. Sebastian is brilliant but alone; Deckard is alone as is Tyrell. People on the street seem hurried and alienated, struggling to survive.
When Tyrell says commerce is our goal here at Tyrell’ we believe him as we have already seen from the opening sequence that the world has been dominated by science and technology but at a high price. The advances have been made to the detriment of the natural and human environments.
Science and technology have created much but also taken away from the quality of the individual’s existence. While replicants that are better than the original can be created none of the real problems that seem evident such as the pollution and climate change have been dealt with. This is because, as we have witnessed with Tyrell’s comment, they are not profitable areas for corporations to deal with.